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Timemore Coffee
Timemore Coffee
Timemore Coffee

TimeMore Coffee (泰摩) is co-founded in 2012 by several coffee lovers who also love designing and R&D. TimeMore specializes in designing and developing original hand-made coffee equipment. TimeMore believes in the magic power of designing. Each product TimeMore designed is based on profession and aesthetic, which is to make each product with irreplaceable functions and aesthetics value. 

Currently, TimeMore is recognized by many professions and coffee lovers. Chesnut G1 won the Reddot Award of 2017, which shows the design power of Chinese lovers and also inspired us to design revolutionary smart high-tech products. We hope these products bring you some choices of lifestyle about beauty, coffee or beautiful stories. 

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  • Material : Borosilicate Glass, Food-grade silicon
  • Capacity : 360ml 
  • Lid : Included
  • Suitable for all V cone drippers 
  • Material : Borosilicate Glass, Food-grade Silicon 
  • Capacity : 600ml
  • Lid : Included
  • Suitable for V cone drippers
  • Size : 152mm*130mm*26mm
  • Nett weight : 380g
  • Measure : 2kg Max
  • Battery : 1600mAh
  • Accurary : 0.1g