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[Specialty] Nicaragua Jinotega Los Altiplanos Farm Java Natural 200G
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Finca Los Altiplanos is located in the Natural Reserve of Cerro Datanli-El Diablo, in the highlands of the department of Jinotega, Nicaragua. The location is an ideal location to produce coffee of wide varieties. At Los Altiplanos, the farm produce Pacamara, Java, Catuai, Marcellesa and Paraneima.

Finca Los Altiplanos is a family operated farm and they are committed to the community and environment where they operate. The farm has been around for quite sometimes now and the current owner Ricardo Cuadra Fajardo purchased it in the mid 90’s.


The coffee that we have here is processed as natural/dry process. The coffee is dried on raised African beds until it reached the designated moisture. The coffee is then rested and only dehulled when there is order to keep the green coffee as fresh as possible. On top of that, Los Altiplanos has invested in the optical sorting machine to ensure that the quality of the coffee that reached to the customer has a verry minimal defect as possible. 

Upon grounding, the coffee has an aroma of blackberries, raisins with grape flavours. The main notes are raisin, blueberry jam, grape juice. In the midsection peach with hazelnut cocoa residue in the finish. Solid cup. 

Variety : Java
Altitude : 1300 masl
Process : Natural
Origin : El Diablo, Jinotega

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